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We all love to play video games. Yes, the electronic games we play irrespective of our ages for eternal fun and entertainment. Thanks to Facebook we all have an idea about counter strike games. CS2 also known as counter-strike 2, a multiplayer game ranked 4th in series of counter strike which was released in 2012, august. It comes for all platforms like Windows, OS X, Xbox 360 inclusive of Linux.

The game

The game setup is somewhat like two teams are competing against each other: the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. Both teams are assigned tasks with a condition that they have to eliminate another team. The terrorist either participate in planting a bomb or defending the hostages based on the mode. Matchmaking option is also available for players so that they can play on dedicated valve servers. CS2 constitutes of multiplayer first-person shooter. As the player levels up they are awarded special weapons and up-gradation in rank. The mg2 cs2 is rank hold by players who understand the basics of counter strike.

Ranking system in the game

The only way to bring equality in this game is by uniting players of the same level and giving them opponents of the same level. Ranks exist for this purpose. All the players with equal skills are brought together to fight opponents of a similar level. The players in a beginning stage play with beginner opponents while advanced players play against pro opponents. In total there are 18 CS2 ranks given below:

  1. Silver 1
  2. Silver 2
  3. Silver 3
  4. Silver 4
  5. Silver elite
  6. Silver elite master
  7. Gold nova 1
  8. Gold nova 2
  9. Gold nova 3
  10. Gold nova master
  11. Master guardian 1(MG1)
  12. Master guardian 2(MG2)

The first six ranks are shared by beginners (from s1- to SEM). The next seven is for skilled players (from GN1 to MGE). Players at this level have a very clear understanding of the game. The last five ranks (from DMG to GE) are shared by accurate shooters who impose excellent shooting skills. The mg2 cs2 players offer well-coordinated teamwork as they have basic understandings of the game and put forward their strategy for improving their ranks further.

These players know the maps and weapons so well that they just end up succeeding at all levels. Their gaming skills are quite good.

Thus, beginners when acquiring knowledge of the game completely hold the rank of mg2 cs2. It’s a major achievement as it signifies that a player now understands the basics of the game. From here the journey to becoming a pro player of counter strike starts.